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Helping Consumers Find Top Real Estate Agents – THE SHORT STORY

We help consumers find top real estate agentsWe are passionate about helping Consumers with specific home purchase or home sale projects find top real estate agents in their local area. That being said, we believe every Consumer deserves to receive the highest services, when they are in search for assistance with a home purchase or home sale.

In the real estate industry, this level of service can only be attained when the Consumer is working with the proper Agent for the specific home purchase or home sale. Our services provide the best method by which the Consumer can be introduced to an agent, who will dedicate their time and effort to make certain the home buyer or seller has a successful home purchase or home sale project.

All our services are easy to use and are absolutely free.


It’s OK to want better and it’s OK to seek out the best for yourself! After all, we are talking about your BIGGEST investment! So why not find top real estate agents to help you?

Not long ago, I was stuck. I had a fifteen year book of Clients that I needed to refer off to other Real Estate Agents when I made a career change within the real estate industry. My past Clients had expected particular standards which they had grown accustomed to recieving.  

At first, I referred Clients based simply on logic. I thought that years of experience and area knowledge were key factors. However, I was wrong. Little had I known back then how much more was needed to get the right Agent for a Consumer’s specific home purchase or home sale project. After continually assisting with this task through trial and error, the proper methods to profile the right Agents for specific home purchases or home sales evolved. After quite some time, I created a new strategy to please the home buyer or home seller, which became the turning point and the foundation for “THE REAL ESTATE AGENT HEADHUNTER®”. 

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