About Us



We are passionate about helping consumers with specific home purchase or home sale projects. That being said, we believe every consumer deserves to recieve the highest services. When they are in search for assistance with a home purchase or home sale.

In the real estate industry, this level of service can only be attained when the Consumer is working with the proper agent for the specific home purchase or home sale. Our services provide the best method the consumer can be introduced to an agent, who will dedicate all of their time and effort to make certain the home buyer or seller has a successful home purchase or home sale project.

All our services are easy to use and are absolutely free.


It’s OK to want better and it’s OK to seek out the best for yourself! After all, we are talking about your BIGGEST investment! 

Not long ago, I was stuck. I had a fifteen year book of clients that I needed to refer off to other real estate agents when I made a career change within the real estate industry. My past clients had expected particular standards which they had grown accustomed to recieving.  

I referred them off to other agents with whom I was aquainted with. After continually assisting with this task, I realized the proper methods to profile the right agents for specific home purchases or home sales. After quite sometime, I created a strategy to please the home buyer or seller, which became the turning point, and the start of “THE REAL ESTATE AGENT HEADHUNTER”.


I spent months considering all the posibilities, until I came to the ultimate solution. Clients struggle with the search for a reliable real estate agent everday, and perhaps I can simplify this long and expensive process for so many. Therefore, free of charge, at the REAL ESTATE AGENT HEADHUNTER, we will do our very best ensure that our clients recieve open-minded, patient, and receptive real estate agents, who are willing to put in every effort to ensure a successful home purchase or home sale project.

…and so the trials began. Trials using my past Clients. Trials that took almost the next two years to complete. Trials that came with errors. Errors that needed real workable solutions. With each trial came less errors… and soon I learned. I learned how to get it right, the hard way I learned the most valuable lessons to correctly pair the best fit local Agent with a Consumer’s specific home purchase or home sale project, soon realizing that I somehow evolved into an unstated HR person for Consumers who came to me in search of the right Real Estate Agent. 

You see, the answer to this complex paradigm actually did not come from searching for Top Agents online, nor did it come from listening to Agent’s professional presentations, nor from recommendations made by others in the industry. On the contrary, each of these sources alone, or in combination, often led to lower quality results in pairing. 

The secret to the most successful pairing of the Consumer to the right Agent came first (1) from the complete and thorough understanding of two environments, and second (2) from the proper pairing of the two. I define the Agent’s environment as the aggregate of: the Agent’s skills, experience, abilities, position within the brokerage, team structure, communication, current book of clients, as well as many other relevant factors. I further define the Consumer’s environment as the aggregate of: “who” the Consumer is and what their specific needs are, what the home sale /purchase project entails as a whole, the consumers goals and time-frames, and much more. The most relevant and accurate pairing of these two environments results in the highest achievable Consumer – Agent relationship when the entire matrix to this paradigm is matched. This produces a relationship that not only yields trust and loyalty between the Consumer and Agent, but a relationship that is key to potentially the highest level of representation an Agent can give a Consumer. As well as, a relationship that may have the single biggest impact on the bottom line of the largest transaction a Consumer makes during his or her lifetime. 

The final step was to develop and implement the right system to timely and efficiently produce such a result, and so I did. This is called The “We-Interview”.  

The We-Interview begins with a direction from the Consumer to THE REAL ESTATE AGENT HEADHUNTER® to find the best-fit Agent for the specific home purchase or home sale project anywhere in the United States. We do the work and make the introduction. You ask any additional questions needed and you decide who you will work with. The difference is that your initial Agent-Candidate pool now starts with the right Agent(s) capable of taking on your specific project with your specific needs. 

We also provide a quicker result through our networking partners that matches you to their hand-picked top performing Agents servicing your local marketplace, who you interview yourself. We do not screen or interview the Agents, but we help you get connected. This is called the U-Interview. 

We hope that you find your experience in working with us truly exceptional!

Alina Davidov